Magic Vario

The all-rounder with a “click”. Multifunctional for pocket and flap mops.

This multifunctional flat mop head with side flaps is brimming with innovation and ergonomics. The Magic Vario saves you time and money thanks to its many practical details, and continues to look after your health.

The Magic Vario has a unique patented upright function allowing it to be set down anywhere in the room at any time without leaning it against the wall or other objects. Your staff will not have to move around so much on a daily basis, and also gain in terms of safety by avoiding dangerous trip hazards and, as such, any resulting workplace hazards. This also does away with unnecessary streaks or marks on the wall, and bending down is reduced significantly.
Excellent weight distribution makes the Vario extremely versatile, enables quick wiping even on areas with lots of furniture, and ensures a large area can be covered. Excellent workmanship and an optimum balanced weight guarantee perfect operation and effortless working.